Single Upright Knee Orthosis (L1843 / L1851)


HCPCS Code (Custom Fit): L1843
HCPCS Code (Off-the-Shelf): L1851

PDAC Approval Letter

The Single Upright Knee Orthosis helps to relieve pain associated with ligament injuries of the ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL, and mild to moderate arthritis. A single lateral upright design in conjunction with flex-hinge to unload the medial compartment of the knee, helps to promote normal joint movement and reduce pain.

  • Adjustable polycentric hinge for flexion & extension joint
  • Medial, lateral & rotational adjustments combined with varus / valgus control
  • Anti-slip pads for added comfort and extended wear
  • Universal in size to accommodate most wearers (Left/Right)
  • Sequence numbered straps for application assistance

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