The Unite Medical® Advantage

No two businesses operate the same, so why should the way your products are purchased be any different? In today’s market, any competitive edge could be the difference between business earned or business lost. Unite Medical® is that edge! 

Wholesale Pricing Without Bulk Orders 

“The only way to get the best price is to order larger quantities.” Those days are over! Unite Medical® customers receive bulk order, GPO discounts, that are specific to their business type and ordering habits. No more stock sitting on the shelf. Order what you need, when you need it and still receive bulk order pricing!  

Healthcare Is Evolving

As telehealth continues to progress and provide remote clinical services, health-care facilities require a higher level of fulfillment to stay ahead. Our cloud-based fulfillment software offers real time order tracking and single or multi-order dropship (B2C or B2B) capabilities providing our customers a scalable solution previously reserved for larger supply chain operations.

Building Your Brand Has Never Been Easier

Unite Medical® offers a full service, turnkey solution for companies or individuals looking to bring private labeled or custom products to market. In addition to obtaining the proper credentials required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, accounts have the option to receive FREE listing space on our product page. 

Payment Without the Fees

Unite Medical® does not charge a credit card processing fee for any orders! We accept all major credit cards and ACH wires. Qualified customers receive net terms. 

Shipping - It’s that simple

Unite Medical® offers low negotiated flat rate shipping on all orders anywhere in the continental USA. View our shipping rates and policy here