BigFOOT Corner Protectors


BigFOOT corners are designed for use in steam sterilizers operating at 132° C. When used as directed, the corners protect against holes and tears in sterilization wrap caused by sharp instrument baskets or rough handling.

Stated Values - Time at 132° C: 4 minutes
Instructions for Use - BigFOOT corners come in 6 ̋ x 6 ̋ square sheets with four corners per sheet. Separate each corner for use.

  1. Place one corner protector under each corner of the instrument basket before wrapping.

  2. Ensure that there is a corner protector under each side of the instrument tray.

  3. Sterilize set as recommended by the manufacturer.

  4. Wrap set per AAMI recommendations

Safety Precautions - Inspect each before use. Do not use any corner that is damaged or torn upon opening. BigFOOT corners are disposable, for single use only.
Storage - Store at a normal room temperature between 10-40° C and 30-60% relative humidity.

Interfering Substances or Conditions - There are no known interfering substances or conditions that could affect the intended use of BigFOOT corners or adversely affect its performance.

Release of Toxic Substances - BigFOOT corners release no known toxic substances in sufficient quantities to cause either a health hazard or a hazard to the intended properties of the product being sterilized before, during, or after sterilization.

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